This page introduces NFT art created by Japanese illustrator Izu.
You can see the release date of his new works and what concept he used to create them.

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About New Release

As of Thursday, March 17, 2022, we are preparing to produce our third FND film.
Stay tuned for further updates!


Working hard to make your dreams come true, striving to get closer to the person you admire, getting lost in your hobbies…
When did we start to feel embarrassed to show others the things we are crazy about?

By depicting the unexpected sides of the characters, this collection of works conveys the message that there is no shame in exposing what you love and what you are crazy about.

Please take a look at our unique and fascinating “one sides“!

#1 Obsessed with accessories

#2 Carnivore? Or herbivore?


It contains one-off illustrations that do not belong to any collection.

Coming soon…


About New Release

As of Thursday, March 17, 2022, a new work is scheduled to be minted in the Izu Icons Art Collection.
Please wait for further information!


I believe that people who are immersed in something are wonderful.

I call such people “those who are in the ZONE“.
NFT Art connects artists from around the world who are active in various fields.

Zone -chan <ZONE girl #0>


Pain -chan <ZONE girl #1>



The characters sold in each collection are now available in smaller sizes!

Take this opportunity to add ‘Kawaii‘ to your gallery and SNS!

Zone-chan<mini #0>

Mini Zone-chan

Valen-chan<2022 Valentine day>


Hope-chan<mini #1>

Mini Hope-chan

Special Zone-chan

Mini special Zone-chan

Obsessed with accessories

Mini Owa-chan

Carnivore? Or herbivore?

Mini Gao-kun

Coming soon…